Alcobaça, Bahia

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Church in Alcobaça
Church in Alcobaça
Location in Bahia
Location in Bahia
Coordinates: 17°31′08″S 39°11′46″W / 17.519°S 39.196°W / -17.519; -39.196Coordinates: 17°31′08″S 39°11′46″W / 17.519°S 39.196°W / -17.519; -39.196

Alcobaça is a municipality of Bahia, Brazil.

The municipality contains part of the Cassurubá Extractive Reserve, a 100,768 hectares (249,000 acres) sustainable use conservation unit that protects an area of mangroves, river and sea where shellfish are harvested.[1] The Timbebas reef opposite Alcobaça is part of the 91,330 hectares (225,700 acres) Abrolhos Marine National Park, a conservation unit created in 1983.[2]


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