Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

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Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
Medical diagnostics
Purposescreen individuals for alcoholism

The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) is a ten-question self-report survey developed by the World Health Organization to screen patients for possible alcoholism (alcohol abuse problems).[1][2]

The test was designed to be used internationally, and was validated in a study drawing patients from six countries. Several research studies have found that the AUDIT screening tool is a reliable and valid measure in identifying alcohol abuse problem behaviors and it has been found to be a valid indicator for severity of alcohol dependence.[3][4] There is some evidence that the AUDIT works in adolescents and young adults; it appears less accurate in older adults. It appears well-suited for use with college students, and also with women and members of minority groups.[5] There has also been significant evidence for its use in the trauma patient population to screen for possible alcohol use disorders.[6] In the trauma patient population, AUDIT has been shown to be more effective at identifying possible alcohol abuse than physician judgement and the blood alcohol content (BAC) test.[7]

AUDIT is composed of 3 subsections comprising: hazardous alcohol use (3 questions), symptoms of dependence (3 questions), and harmful alcohol use (4 questions). Each question is scored on a 4-point scale, for a total of 40 points, with higher ratings related to higher risk for alcohol related problems. Scores ranging between 8 and 15 (medium risk for alcohol related problems) are usually targeted by a brief intervention. Scores of 16 to 19 may be indicative of hazardous use of alcohol, while scores above 20 are concerning for alcohol dependence.[8]

A shorter version of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT-C) has been created for rapid use, and is composed of the first 3-question of the full length AUDIT pertaining specifically to quantity of alcohol consumed. It is appropriate for screening for problem drinking in a doctor's office.[9]

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