Alcona Dam

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Alcona Dam
The Alcona Dam
Alcona Dam is located in Michigan
Alcona Dam
Location within the state of Michigan
Location Curtis Township, Alcona County, Michigan
Coordinates 44°33′43″N 83°48′16″W / 44.56193°N 83.80442°W / 44.56193; -83.80442Coordinates: 44°33′43″N 83°48′16″W / 44.56193°N 83.80442°W / 44.56193; -83.80442
Opening date 1924
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment dam
Power station
Installed capacity 8 MW

Alcona Dam is a hydro-electric dam on the Au Sable River in Michigan.


This hydro-electric dam is capable of producing 8,000 kilowatts. It is currently named after the county where it is located, but was originally named for a nearby road called Bamfield. Work began on Bamfield Dam in 1917, but the project stalled due to unstable sand and World War I. Construction resumed in 1923, and Alcona Hydro began commercial operation in 1924.[1] The drop in elevation is approximately 30 feet (9.1 m), depending on the time of year.[2]