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Alcorcón vs Real Madrid
Event2009–10 Copa del Rey
Round of 32
First leg
Date27 October 2009
VenueEstadio Santo Domingo, Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain
Man of the MatchBorja Pérez (Alcorcón)
RefereeJavier Turienzo Álvarez

Alcorconazo is the name given by fans and by the Spanish sports press to the first leg of a 2009–10 Copa del Rey two-legged matchup between AD Alcorcón and Real Madrid in the round of 32, a 4–0 win by Alcorcón.[1] The first leg received this name because of the defeat of Real Madrid, one of the largest clubs in Spanish football and indeed in the world, by a modest Alcorcón team which then played in the third-tier Segunda División B. Because Real Madrid won the second leg only 1–0, Alcorcón advanced victorious to the next round.

This defeat was a lead sports story throughout Europe, being the title page in British,[2] French[3] and Italian publications.[4] It also marked a rise to relative prominence for the suburban Madrid club; in what may or may not have been a coincidence, Alcorcón began a major stadium renovation project the following month.

The half-time substitution of Guti when the score was 3–0 and when he was booked before was another topic in the Spanish press because of words exchanged between the player and his coach, Manuel Pellegrini.[5]

It generated superstition and the number of the 4–0 day, 27 October 2009, (27,109) was one of the best-selling lottery tickets on Christmas 2009.[6]

Both matches were broadcast to the entire country on Canal +.

Contrast between Real Madrid and Alcorcón[edit]

The two competing sides had significantly differing financial support. The annual salaries of Alcorcón's matchday squad added up to less than €1 million, compared to the €110 million salary of Real Madrid's squad. Real Madrid had spent €254 million on new signings the previous summer, out of a €420 million annual budget at the time. On the day before the first leg of the cup-tie versus Alcorcón, one of Real Madrid's corporate sponsors gave the entire senior squad new cars worth a total of €2 million. The average annual salary of an Alcorcón player at the time, €36,000, was less than Cristiano Ronaldo made in a day that season. At the time of the match, Real Madrid's youth side played in Segunda B alongside Alcorcón – and had lost only once in seven previous meetings between the two.[7]

Match reports[edit]

Round of 32[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Alcorcón 4–1 Real Madrid 4–0 0–1

First leg[edit]

Alcorcón4–0Real Madrid
Pérez Goal 16'53'
Arbeloa Goal 22' (o.g.)
Ernesto Goal 39'
GK 1 Spain Juanma Yellow card 90+1'
DF 17 Spain Rubén Anuarbe
DF 18 Spain Íñigo López Yellow card 52'
DF 20 Spain Borja Gómez
DF 15 Spain Nagore Yellow card 7'
MF 8 Spain Rubén Sanz
MF 11 Spain Ernesto Substituted off 63'
MF 10 Spain Sergio Mora
MF 16 Spain Fernando Béjar Substituted off 75'
FW 14 Spain Diego Cascón
FW 22 Spain Borja Pérez Substituted off 81'
GK 13 Spain Eladio
DF 4 Spain Mario
MF 21 France Jérémy Lempereur Substituted in 63'
MF 19 Spain Carmelo Substituted in 73'
FW 9 Spain Bravo Substituted in 81'
Spain Juan Antonio Anquela
GK 13 Poland Jerzy Dudek
DF 2 Spain Álvaro Arbeloa
DF 18 Spain Raúl Albiol Yellow card 61'
DF 21 Germany Christoph Metzelder
DF 15 Netherlands Royston Drenthe
MF 6 Mali Mahamadou Diarra Yellow card 77'
MF 14 Spain Guti  Yellow card 43' Substituted off 45'
MF 23 Netherlands Rafael van der Vaart
MF 24 Spain Esteban Granero Substituted off 61'
FW 7 Spain Raúl Substituted off 71'
FW 11 France Karim Benzema
GK 26 Spain Antonio Adán
DF 19 Argentina Ezequiel Garay
MF 5 Argentina Fernando Gago Substituted in 45'
DF 12 Brazil Marcelo Substituted in 61'
FW 17 Netherlands Ruud van Nistelrooy Substituted in 71'
Chile Manuel Pellegrini

Man of the Match:
Borja Pérez (Alcorcón)

Assistant referees:
Luis Cote Sáez (Aragon)
Aurelio Asensio Rodríguez (Asturias)
Fourth official:
Rubén Gómez González (Castile and León)

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