Juan Aldama, Chihuahua

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Juan Aldama
Juan Aldama is located in Mexico
Juan Aldama
Juan Aldama
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 28°50′19″N 105°54′40″W / 28.83861°N 105.91111°W / 28.83861; -105.91111Coordinates: 28°50′19″N 105°54′40″W / 28.83861°N 105.91111°W / 28.83861; -105.91111
Country  Mexico
State Chihuahua
Municipality Aldama
Population (2010)
 • Total 18,642
Climate BSh

Juan Aldama is a city and seat of the municipality of Aldama in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. As of 2010, the city had a population of 18,642,[1] up from 16,284 in 2005.[2]


The city of Aldama dates from August 7, 1671, when Captain Pedro Cano de los Ríos established two sites for cattle raising. By 1717, the Franciscan monks established a mission called San Jerónimo there, to evangelize the local natives, known as conchos and chinarras.


Agriculture is the city's main economic activity. Commerce now plays an important role, offering products to residents and to people in transit between Chihuahua and Ojinaga. Many residents travel to Chihuahua city to work or study.



Carretera federal 16.svg

Mexican Federal Highway 16 is the main road through Aldama. It crosses Aldama from east to west, connecting it with Chihuahua, Coyame, and Ojinaga, a port of entry to the U.S. state of Texas. The segment between Aldama and Chihuahua is a toll-free four-lane highway.


Aldama has public kindergarten, elementary schools, and middle schools provided by the federal government and state government. Students usually travel to the city of Chihuahua to continue with their university studies.


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