Aldar Headquarters building

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Aldar Headquarters
Aldar Headquarters Building.jpg
View of the building.
General information
TypeCommercial offices
LocationAl Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Coordinates24°26′28″N 54°34′31″E / 24.44111°N 54.57528°E / 24.44111; 54.57528Coordinates: 24°26′28″N 54°34′31″E / 24.44111°N 54.57528°E / 24.44111; 54.57528
OwnerAldar Properties
Roof110 m (360 ft)
Technical details
Floor area61,900 m2 (666,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
ArchitectMZ Architects
Main contractorALDAR Laing O’Rourke

The Aldar Headquarters building is the first circular building of its kind in the Middle East. It is located in Al Raha, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The shape of this building is achieved through the use of structural diagrid, a diagonal grid of steel.[3]

The building features the following elevators:

  • 12 passenger elevators
  • 2 service elevators
  • 3 mono space elevators
  • 1 circular hydraulic lift
  • 2 dumbwaiters
  • 23 floors

Use of the golden ratio[edit]

Image of a human body in a pentagram from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's Libri tres de occulta philosophia. If the inner circle were the circumference of the building, the ground level would be at the base of the pentagram (at the figure's feet).[4]

The extent that the circle is embedded in the ground was designed around the golden ratio.[5]


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