Alddreu Airfield

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Alddreu Airfield
알뜨르 비행장
Alddreu Airfield
Alddreu Airfield.JPG
Alddreu Airfield, Jeju-do, October 2006
Coordinates 33°12′18″N 126°16′12″E / 33.20500°N 126.27000°E / 33.20500; 126.27000
Type Military airfield
Site information
Controlled by Imperial Japanese Army Air Service
United States Air Force
Condition abandoned
Site history
Built 1926-30
Built by Imperial Japanese Army Air Service
In use 1930-63

Alddreu Airfield also known as Cheju-do No. 2 (K-40) Air Base was a former Imperial Japanese Army Air Service and United States Air Force (USAF) air base on southern Jeju Island. It was returned to farm land in the 1960s.


The air base was originally developed in 1926-30 during the Japanese Imperial period. The base was used as a base to help the aerial bombing of cities in China such as Shanghai and Nanjing.[1]

World War II[edit]

The base was used for training of Kamikaze pilots and by the end of the war it housed 2500 naval aviation troops and 25 aircraft in hardened aircraft shelters.

Korean War[edit]

The USAF designated the base as Cheju-do No.2 or K-40.


A TACAN facility was built on the base. The base continues to be owned by the Korean Government but has been leased to civilians since the 1960s, it is currently a potato field. Seogwipo City plans to develop the area as a theme park.

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