Aldermanshaw Priory

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Aldermanshaw Priory
Aldermanshaw Priory is located in Leicestershire
Aldermanshaw Priory
Location within Leicestershire
Monastery information
Order Cluniac
Established C.1220-35
Disestablished In ruins c.1450
Mother house Bermondsey Abbey
Diocese Diocese of Lincoln
Location Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, England
Coordinates 52°43′34″N 1°15′29″W / 52.726005°N 1.257961°W / 52.726005; -1.257961Coordinates: 52°43′34″N 1°15′29″W / 52.726005°N 1.257961°W / 52.726005; -1.257961
Grid reference SK50211452
Visible remains None. Materials may have been reused in later house on the site.

Aldermanshaw Priory is a former Cluniac Priory, located within the Charnwood Forest, in Leicestershire, England.


Aldermanshaw Priory was founded c.1220-1235. It was a cell (a small monastery dependent upon a motherhouse) of Bermondsey Abbey, in London.[1] The name is thought to refer to Alwin (or Alwinus) Child, the founder of the priory's motherhouse at Bermondsey.[2]

The priory was in ruins by 1450.[1]

In the 17th century a cottage, known as Aldermans Haw, was built on the site. The age of some of the stones used to construct the two story rubble cottage suggests it may incorporate materials from the earlier priory.[1]