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Alderney Lighthouse
Alderney Lighthouse is located in Channel Islands
Alderney Lighthouse
Channel Islands
English Channel
Coordinates49°43′45″N 2°09′51″W / 49.7292°N 2.1643°W / 49.7292; -2.1643Coordinates: 49°43′45″N 2°09′51″W / 49.7292°N 2.1643°W / 49.7292; -2.1643
Year first constructed1912
Constructiongranite tower
Tower shapeconical tower with balcony and lantern attached to keeper's house
Markings / patternwhite tower with one broad black band
Tower height32 metres (105 ft)
Focal height37 metres (121 ft)
Intensity4,140 candela
Range12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi)
CharacteristicFl W (4) 15s
Fog signalsiren: 3 blasts every 20 seconds
whistle: 2 blasts ever 15 seconds
Admiralty numberA1536
NGA number8300
ARLHS numberGUE-004
Managing agentTrinity House

The Alderney Lighthouse (also known as Mannez Lighthouse) is a stone lighthouse built on the North-East coast of the island of Alderney. It was constructed in 1912[1] to protect shipping from the dangerous waters of the Alderney Race and the numerous rocks surrounding Alderney.


The Alderney Lighthouse was constructed from granite in 1912 under the guidance of local businessman William Baron. It was electrified in 1976, and automated in 1997, when the last resident lighthouse keeper left. The Trinity House Central Planning Unit in Essex controls and maintains the lighthouse.[2][3]

Before its construction there were several notable wrecks off Alderney, including the Leros. It still functions as a lighthouse, but is open for guided tours during the summer months[4] when it is linked with the rest of the island by the Alderney Railway.

In March 2011 the lighthouse was downgraded. The light reduced from 24hrs with a 23 nautical miles (43 km; 26 mi) range to dark hours only with a 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi).[5] This downgrade meant that the main beam was switched off, the lens shrouded and the light pulse now provided by a pair of LED lamps fixed to the sides of the tower.[6] The fog signal was stopped at the same time.[7]

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