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Farnborough/Aldershot built-up area and Aldershot Urban Area are names used by the ONS to refer to the quite loose conurbation spanning the borders of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire in England. The ONS found a population of 252,937 in 2011[1] (up 4%, rounded, from the 2001 figure of 243,344 residents).[2] This makes it the 29th-largest built up area in England and Wales.

It was given these subdivisions in the 2011 census:[3]

Geography code Area name 2011 Population
E35000108 Farnborough 65,034
E35000207 Aldershot 57,211
E35000239 Wyke 276
E35000279 Sandhurst 20,495
E35000513 Blackwater 7,195
E35000638 Badshot Lea 1,582
E35000977 Deepcut 2,128
E35001045 Frimley 19,094
E35001069 Yateley 14,829
E35001198 Farnham 25,604
E35001352 Camberley 38,038
E35001431 Shortfield Common 911

Contiguous villages have been here deemed part, thus Ash, Cove, Deepcut, Hale, Hawley and Tongham.

The wider agglomeration which includes towns Fleet, Lightwater and Bagshot had a population of 311,232 in 2011.[4]

Much of the west conurbation is part of the Aldershot Parliamentary Constituency.

The area is in the outer half of the London commuter belt. It adjoins the somewhat lower density Reading/Wokingham Urban Area at Sandhurst.


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Coordinates: 51°14′N 0°45′W / 51.24°N 0.75°W / 51.24; -0.75