Alderton Hill Quarry

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Alderton Hill Quarry
Site of Special Scientific Interest
View to Alderton Hill - - 1481470.jpg
The location - Alderton Hill
Alderton Hill Quarry is located in Gloucestershire
Alderton Hill Quarry
Location within Gloucestershire
Area of Search Gloucestershire
Grid reference SP006345
Coordinates 52°00′34″N 1°59′31″W / 52.009382°N 1.991941°W / 52.009382; -1.991941Coordinates: 52°00′34″N 1°59′31″W / 52.009382°N 1.991941°W / 52.009382; -1.991941
Interest Geological
Area 0.34 hectare
Notification 1997
Natural England website

Alderton Hill Quarry (grid reference SP006345) is a 0.34-hectare (0.84-acre) geological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Gloucestershire, notified in 1997. It is a Geological Conservation Review (GCR) site.[1]

Location and geology[edit]

The site is located on Alderton Hill to the south west of Dumbleton Wood, approximately 2 kilometres south west of Dumbleton village which is in north Gloucestershire.[1]

The site is a significant location for research because of its well preserved Lower Jurassic insect fauna. There is a range of publications which detail the findings on this site, which include fossil insects. Particular findings are specimens of dragonflies (Gomphites) and a large cockroach. Fish remains have been found, and well-preserved cephalopods.[1]

The discoveries are usually more complete than those from comparable localities. This is an important paleoentomological locality for research into the anatomy and evolution of early insect faunas.[1]

The site is located in hedges which are species-rich. They include ash, oak, holly, hawthorn, hazel and spindle. The common blue butterfly is recorded.[1]


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