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Waterfall Aldeyjarfoss and Black Basalt Columns - 2013.08 - panoramio.jpg
Aerial panorama of Goðafoss
Aldeyjarfoss is located in Iceland
LocationNorth of Iceland
Coordinates65°21′57.60″N 17°20′52.80″W / 65.3660000°N 17.3480000°W / 65.3660000; -17.3480000Coordinates: 65°21′57.60″N 17°20′52.80″W / 65.3660000°N 17.3480000°W / 65.3660000; -17.3480000
Total height20 m (66 ft)
Number of drops1

The Aldeyjarfoss (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈaltˌeiːjarˌfɔss]) waterfall is situated in the Highlands of Iceland at the northern part of the Sprengisandur Highland Road. The river Skjálfandafljót drops here from a height of 20m. The basalt belongs to a lava field called Frambruni or Suðurárhraun, hraun being the Icelandic word for lava.

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