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Aldi Talk
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 7 December 2005 (Germany)
2007 (Belgium)
July 2009 (the Netherlands)
March 2013 (Australia)
Headquarters Germany
the Netherlands
Products Mobile telecommunications
Parent Aldi / Medion

Aldi Talk (also known as MEDIONmobile) is a mobile virtual network operator in Germany, Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In Germany, it uses the Telefonica network (since 2014; before, it used E-Plus). In Australia it uses Telstra. In Belgium, it uses Base. In the Netherlands, it uses KPN.


Aldi Talk was founded on 7 December 2005 in Germany, 2007 in Belgium, July 2009 in the Netherlands and March 2013 in Australia.

On April 7, 2017, it was announced that Aldi Talk would cease all operations in Belgium by June 6.[1] The cause of this decision was the coming in to effect of an anti-terrorism measure taken by the Belgian government, banning the sale and use of anonymous SIM cards, instead requiring the mobile operators to identify and register each of their clients.[2] Because Aldi Talk did not have the necessary capabilities to perform these tasks, a decision was taken to cease all operations in Belgium.[3]


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