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Aldiborontiphoskyphorniostikos: A round game for merry parties; with rules for playing the game
Odds nipperkins.png
ODDS NIPPERKINS! cried Mother Bunch on her broomstick
Author R Stennet
Illustrator Anonymous
Country London, Britain
Language English
Subject Alphabet
Genre Toy book/literary nonsense
Publisher Dean and Munday, Threadneedle Street[1]
A. K. Newman and Co., Leadenhall Street[1]
Publication date
Pages 35[2]

Aldiborontiphoskyphorniostikos was a book that contained a game in which players had to read the snippet for each letter of the alphabet as fast as they could without making a mistake. Alternatively, several players could read the snippets in a staggered manner. The snippets for each letter contain tongue-twisting mock-Latin names whose content is cumulatively appended at the end of each new letter snippet.[3]

The book is based on Chrononhotonthologos, which in turn was based on Henry Fielding's Tom Thumb.[3] The book was embellished with sixteen elegantly coloured engravings and sold for 1 shilling.[4]


The following is the snippet for the letter O:

ODDS NIPPERKINS! cried Mother Bunch on her broomstick, here's a to-do! as Nicholas Hotch-potch said, Never were such times, as Muley Hassan, Mufti of Moldavia, put on his Barnacles, to see little Tweedle gobble them up, when Kia Khan Kreuse transmogrofied them into Pippins, because Snip's wife cried, Illikipilliky! lass a-day! 'tis too bad to titter at a body, when Hamet el Mammet, the bottlenosed Barber of Balasora, laughed ha! ha! ha! on beholding the elephant spout mud over the 'Prentice, who pricked his trunk with a needle, as Dicky Snip, the tailor, read the proclamation of Chrononhotonthologos, offering a thousand sequins for taking Bombardinian, Bashaw of three tails, who killed Aldiborontiphoskyphorniostikos.[1]


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