Albaugh-Dover Co.

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Albaugh-Dover Co. (Aldo)
Industry Automobile, Tractor, Farm implement, Gear cutting
Founded 1910
Defunct 1924
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Key people
Gilbert R. Albaugh
Products automobiles, tractors, farm implement, gears
Subsidiaries Square Turn Tractor Company (1917-1925)[1]

The Aldo was a very simple constructed, high-wheeled, two-passenger motor buggy made by the Albaugh-Dover Co. of Chicago, Illinois in 1910, and was sold until early 1911.[2] It featured an air-cooled, opposed 2-cylinder engine[3] with 12 HP (N.A.C.C. rating of 106,9 c.i. (1752 cm³) volume.[4] Further, this vehicle had a planetary transmission with double chain drive, and tiller steering.[3] Wheel base measured 76 in. (1930 mm), the huge carriage wheels 36 × 1.5 in. It had Right hand drive.[4]

The price was $395, but very few were sold.[2] The Albaugh-Dover Co then concentrated on their farm implement (cream separators.[2][5] and gear cutting[2] business.

Share of the Square Turn Tractor Company, issued 20. December 1917

In December 1917, they moved into the production of tractors by buying the ailing Kennell-Colwell Co. in Norfolk, Nebraska[1] It was renamed the Square Turn Tractor Company and obviously was directed as a subsidiary. The traktor was sold as the Albaugh-Dover "Square Turn" from Chicago.[1][6]

It was a curious looking vehicle in a Motorized tricycle layout. Its massive 4 cylinder engine was mounted on a rear axle with large iron wheels. The driver sat behind a small, steerable iron front wheel, and directly in front of the grille.[6] The engine was a Climax[1] Model K with a bore of 5 in (127 mm), a stroke of 6½ in (165,1 mm), resulting in a volume of 510.5 c.i. (8466 cc).[7] Power was mentioned wit 18 HP on the draw bar, and 35 HP on the pulley. This engine worked with either gasoline or kerosene.[6]

The manufacturer called the vehicle's transmission Giant Grip Drive, with "no clutch to slip" and "no gear to strip".[6] This indicates a Friction drive. Base price was 1875$, which included a Oliver plow. The complete vehicle weight was 7800 lb (3540 kg).[1] Albaugh-Dover mentioned that the tractor could be used by only one operator.[6]

In 1924, Albaugh-Dover was bought out by a group of former shareholders. After investing 200.000$, it was reorganized as the Albaugh-Dover Manufacturing Company, and returned solely to the production of farm implement and gear cutting.[2] The Square Turn Tractor Company was sold by sheriff's order in 1925.[1]


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