Aldo Aniasi

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Aldo Aniasi
17th Mayor of Milan
In office
Preceded by Pietro Buccalossi
Succeeded by Carlo Tognoli
16th Italian Minister of Health
In office
Prime Minister CossigaForlani
Preceded by Renato Altissimo
Succeeded by Renato Altissimo
Personal details
Born (1921-05-31)May 31, 1921
Palmanova, Italy
Died August 27, 2005(2005-08-27) (aged 84)
Milan, Italy
Nationality Italian
Political party Italian Socialist Party
Italian Democratic Socialist Party
Unified Socialist Party
Italian Socialist Party
Democratic Party of the Left/Democrats of the Left
Profession Partisan

Aldo Aniasi, Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI[1] (31 May 1921 – 27 August 2005) was an Italian politician.

Aniasi was born in Palmanova, in Friuli. During the Fascist regime and the Italian Social Republic, he participated to the Italian resistance movement, with the name of Iso Danali, an anagram of his true name. After World War II, he entered the Italian political scene as a member of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI).

A marble gravestone on the wall of a crypt
Aniasi's grave at the Monumental Cemetery of Milan in 2015

Aniasi was elected in the city council of Milan, and in 1967 became mayor of Milan. He led the city until 1976, when he was elected to the Italian Parliament, where he remained until 1994; for nine years, he was vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies. He was also Minister for Public Health and Minister for the Regions. After the crisis and dissolution of the PSI, Aniasi entered the Democrats of the Left.

He died in Milan in 2005 and is buried at the city's Monumental Cemetery.


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