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Aldo Cibic in 2017

Aldo Cibic (born 1955 in Schio, Vicenza, Italy) is an Italian designer.[1]


Rethinking Happiness during the Venice Biennale in 2010
Rethinking Happiness during the Venice Biennale in 2010

By the age of 22, Aldo was working at the studio of Ettore Sottsass. In 1980, he became a founding partner of the studio Sottsass & Associati.[2] That same year, in collaboration with Sottsass, Cibic became a founding member of Memphis Group – a collective association dedicated to design and architecture. The Memphis group would remain active until 1987.[3][4] The Memphis experience led Cibic to assume an experimental approach as his norm.[5][6]

Decisive the relationship with Ettore Sottsass, who chose him as a partner when Aldo was in his twenties, and in his last interview declares: “I do not think I have left any traces of my work, maybe something in Aldo Cibic” .[7]

Towards the end of the 1980s, Aldo began to reflect on a more personal concept of creativity, which inspired the launch of his first independent project. In line with his idea of a more human, less heroic form of design, he choose not only to design objects for the home, but also to sell them, He presented his first self-produced collection, entitled “Standard”,[8][9][10] to the public from his loft home in Milan, inaugurating a tradition of impromptu exhibitions, which have since become a means of testing his design projects and continue to guide his research.

His research activity in the field of "social innovation design" has developed through teaching in various schools of Design and Architecture (Domus Academy Milan, Politecnico Milan, IUAV Venice, Tongji University Shanghai). Starting with Family Business, in "The Solid Side"[11] initiative, launched in collaboration with Philips Corporate Design at the Domus Academy in the early 1990s, has produced pioneering projects, such as New Stories New Design (2002), and CitizenCity[12] (2003). These research projects fostered a dynamic relationship between people and space and offered a new mode of designing places based on social interactions, revolving around a central theme: the interpretation of sustainability. An experience culminating with the "Microrealities"[13][14] project presented at the Biennale di Venezia in 2004.

For the 12th edition of Biennale di Venezia in 2010, 43 artists were invited by Kazuyo Sejima, including Aldo Cibic to propose a project called "Rethinking happiness"[15] aimed at creating and enhancing happiness in new communities through 4 unique projects. Aldo Cibic invited architects, agronomists, designers, sociologists and energy consultants for the projects.

In 2015, he curated the Venice Pavilion at the 56th International Art Exhibition Biennale of Venice,[16] exploring the declinations of the creative process between globalization and territorial roots.

In 2019 Aldo Cibic has been selected as High-End Foreign Expert by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of People's Republic of China.

Aldo Cibic is Honorary Professor at the Tongji University, Shanghai.

In 2021 he has been appointed Honorary Professor of Urban Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

His design pieces and drawings are exhibited in the permanent collections of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Groninger Museum, the CCA (Canadian Center for Architecture) in Montreal, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Triennale Museum of Italian Design in Milan and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Aldo Cibic has been included by the architecture magazine Domus in the guide to the world's best architects “100+ best architecture firms 2019”. Inter alia, Domus editors Alessandro Mendini and Joseph Grima put forward a selection in favour of giving a voice to practices that show how “it may be possible for social architecture to really bloom in the future”.

Cibic Workshop[edit]

Using investigative research into design, Cibic Workshop observes the built environment from a different perspective and on a different scale. The individual becomes the central focus, along with his/her complex system of relationships, his/her ability to imagine and invent, to discover new opportunities and to take advantage of change.

Cibic Workshop focuses on alternative sustainable project types aimed at enhancing whole local areas and defining new cultural, emotional and environmental awareness of public space.

In 2020 Cibic Workshop opened a new office in Shanghai, with a focus on creating meaningful and culturally relevant objects, spaces and communities, both public and private, through addressing the issues we see as most important to society today.

Key Areas of work:

  • Accessible beauty for domestic spaces
  • Communal Landscapes creating a sense of community and responsibility for shared spaces and environments
  • The New Old, new design from old materials

Selected projects[edit]


  • Savona 18 Hotel, Milan 2017
  • Techno Souq, La Rinascente, Milan 2015
  • Excelsior Milano: Luxury Department Store, Verona 2013
  • Ristori Theatre: Restoration, Verona 2012
  • Staff International: New Headquarters, Noventa Vicentina 2010
  • More with Less. Enjoy life in a changing world: Superstudio 13, Salone del Mobile, Milan 2009
  • Living Nature: Project for a sustainable resort community, Shanghai, China 2008
  • Danguyan: Masterplan for eco-village development, Kunshan, China 2008
  • Nordhavnen, the sustainable city of the future: International Competition, Copenaghen 2008
  • Risanamento - Santa Giulia: Redevelopment Project for the offices and commercial areas of a NH Hotel, Milan 2008
  • Private Villa: Barolo region, Piemonte 2008
  • Enzo Ferrari's birthplace and the Maserati Museum: International Competition, 2007
  • 10th International Exhibition of Architecture: Art Direction and Exhibition Design, Venice 2006
  • La Rinascente: Department Store, Redesign of the building in Piazza Duomo, Milan 2006
  • Positec China: Corporate Headquarters and Production Facility, Suzhou, China 2006
  • Dalla Verde: New office building, Montecchio Maggiore, Verona 2004
  • Autogrill: Architectural design of Restaurants and Drive-thru points, Italy 2001

Exhibition Design[edit]

  • Pietro Bembo and the invention of the Renaissance: Exhibition, Padua, 2013
  • Cultivating a house: Exhibition, MADE Expo 2012
  • Genova Today, Genova Tomorrow: Exhibition, Loggia di Banchi, Genoa 2011
  • 1906-2015: Towards Milan Expo: Exhibition, Triennale di Milano, Milan 2011
  • Woodwork, Design exhibition in collaboration with Studio Mumbai, Salone del Mobile 2012
  • Pocket Landscapes: Drawings and installations by Aldo Cibic, Galleria Antonia Jannone, Salone del Mobile 2009
  • The Garden City: Saie Spring, Bologna 2008
  • Istanbul Design Week 2008: Concept and Art Direction, Istanbul, project, 2008
  • Andrea Palladio 500: Art Direction of the exhibition inaugurated in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andrea Palladio (1508-2008), Vicenza, 2007
  • 10th Biennale of Architecture: Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Venice 2006
  • New Stories New Design: 6th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai 2006
  • Farming-on-Thames: London Architecture Biennale, London 2006
  • A Perfect Weekend: Exhibition: Cibic&Partners Studio, Milan, 2005
  • Andrea Palladio e la villa veneta. Da Petrarca a Carlo Scarpa: Exhibition design, Museo Palladio di Palazzo Barbaran da Porto, Vicenza 2005
  • M City: Museum Kunsthaus Graz, Graz 2005–2006
  • Microrealities: Biennale di Venezia, Venice 2004
  • New Stories New Design: Biennale di Venezia, Italian pavilion, Venice 2004
  • Citizen_City: Exhibition, Milan 2003
  • Telecom: Pavilion, World Telecommunications Expo, Geneva 1999
  • Pitti Ynformal: Multimedia Lighting and Sound Stand, Pitti Immagine, Florence 1999
  • Pirelli: Stand, Motor show, Bologna 1996

Interior Design[edit]

  • Ca’puccino, Harrods, London 2015
  • Glam Hotel, Milan 2015
  • Arc'terix: Corner shop, Verona 2013
  • Marc Jacobs, Showroom, Milan 2013
  • Staff International: Showroom, Milan 2013
  • La Rinascente: Department Store, Milan 2010
  • Marazzi: Headquarters, Modena 2006
  • Selfridges & Co.: Department Store, Birmingham 2004
  • Mövenpick: Restaurants, Hannover, Berlin and Lucern 2004
  • Abitare: New Headquarters 2003
  • Selfridges & Co.: Department Store, Manchester 2002
  • I.Net British Telecom: New Headquarters, Milan 2001
  • Geox: Design for a chain of boutiques, 2000
  • Green House Vicenza: Private Villa, Arcugnano 1999
  • Verona Airport: Departures Area and VIP Lounge, Verona, 1997
  • Habitat: Shops, London, 1997
  • House in Venezia: Private Apartment, Venice 1992


  • Venini Glasses: Lou Collection, 2017
  • Marble Landscape - Blumohito, 2017
  • Ghidini: Bio & Trio, lamps, 2017
  • Italian Landscape, bone China for Expo 2015
  • Green Dunes- Blumohito, Dubai's Downtown Design, 2015
  • Wish tree and Lucky Eye – Blackbody, lighting, 2014
  • Elephountain, installation, 2013
  • Bormioli Rocco: InAlto Glasses Collection, 2013
  • Woodwork: Wooden Object Collection, in collaboration with Studio Mumbai, 2012
  • Moret: Happy carpets, Carpet collection, 2012
  • UNA: Design of wine bottles for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, 2011
  • Riva 1920: Table, “Frammenti di Wabi-Sabi”, Le Briccole Collection, 2010
  • De Castelli: Art Direction and Design, 2009-2010
  • Millepiedi: Bench, Giardini della Triennale, Milan, 2005
  • Artemide: Klik lamp, 2002
  • Foscarini: Cocò lamp, 2000 and Lampoon lamp, 2002
  • Cappellini: Stool, 2002
  • Paola C.: Art Direction and Design, since 2000
  • Standard: A range of furniture and accessories for interior decoration, 1991
  • Memphis: Furniture and Objects, 1981-1987

Design Research[edit]

  • Looking ahead. The evolution of the art of making. 9 stories from Veneto: digital – not only digital, Venice Pavilion, 56th Biennale Venezia, 2015
  • Freedom Room: Triennale di Milano, Milan 2013
  • Toward Expo Milano 2015, Milan, 2011
  • Rethinking Happiness: Biennale di Venezia, Venice, 2010
  • Perché Design?: CibicWorkshop Project 2006
  • A Perfect Weekend: Design Research and Exhibition, Cibic & Partners Studio, Milan 2005
  • Microrealities: Biennale di Architettura, Venice 2004
  • New Stories New Design: Biennale di Architettura, Venice 2004
  • Citizen_city: Design Research, Milan 2003
  • Smart Home Fitness: Design Research, Milan 1998
  • Family Business: The Solid Side, Domus Academy, Milan 1984


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