Aldo Manganaro

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Aldo Manganaro
Medal record
Paralympic athletics
Representing  Italy
Paralympic Games
Gold medal – first place 1992 Barcelona 100 metres - B3
Gold medal – first place 1996 Atlanta 100 metres - T12
Gold medal – first place 2000 Sydney 4x100 metre relay - T13
Silver medal – second place 1992 Barcelona 200 metres - B3
Silver medal – second place 1996 Atlanta 200 metres - T12
Bronze medal – third place 1988 Seoul 100 metres - B3
Bronze medal – third place 1992 Barcelona 4x400 metre relay - B1>B3
Bronze medal – third place 1996 Atlanta 400 metres - T12
Bronze medal – third place 2000 Sydney 100 metres - T13

Aldo Manganaro is a paralympic athlete from Italy competing mainly in category T13 sprint events.


Aldo has competed at five Paralympics winning a total of nine medals. He first competed in the 1988 Summer Paralympics where he took part in both the long and triple jump and won a bronze medal in the 100m. By the 1992 Summer Paralympics he had moved further to the sprints winning gold in the 100m, silver 200m and bronze in the 400m as well as being part of the Italian 4 × 100 m and 4 × 400 m relay teams, the later also winning a bronze. In 1996 Italy didn't enter relay teams but Aldo did win a second consecutive 100m gold and 200m silver as well as winning a bronze in the 400m. In 2000 Aldo again competed in the three sprints but could only manage a bronze in the 100m until he teamed up in the 4 × 100 m with his Italian team mates to win the gold medal. 2008 proved even less successful as he was unable to win any medals in the 100 or 200m.[1]