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Aldynes Cover.jpg
Cover art for Aldynes
Developer(s) Produce
Publisher(s) Hudson Soft
Platform(s) SuperGrafx
PlayStation Network
Release SuperGrafx
  • JP: February 22, 1991[1]
PlayStation Network
  • JP: February 16, 2011
Genre(s) Shoot 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player

Aldynes (オルディネス), full title Aldynes: The Misson Code for Rage Crisis, is a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up game developed by Produce and released in February 22, 1991 for the SuperGrafx only for Japan. The game has a unique option-based combat and features levels with large scaling effects or parallax scrolling effects. The game was later released on the PlayStation Network on February 16, 2011.



In the year 2020, Earth suffers from a devastating alien invasion. A large mechanical planetoid suddenly emerges from space and attacks the cities of Earth without reason or communication. With all defenses annihilated, the United Nations corresponds with NASA to make a powerful space fighter known as the SWA-402 Ortega, but the fighter fails to end the war. One of the Ortega pilots - known only by his call sign Fox-A - is killed in action. His bereaved girlfriend Hiroko soon discovers his involvement in the Pandora Project which houses the Ortega's successor: the SDE-201 Aldynes. As the invaders attack the air force housing the near complete Aldynes, Hiroko hijacks one of the ships and throws herself into battle in hopes of getting revenge.



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