Alecu Russo

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Alecu Russo

Alecu Russo (born in March 17, 1819 near Chişinău, died on February 5, 1859 in Iaşi), was a Moldavian Romanian writer, literary critic and publicist.

Russo is credited with having discovered one of the most elaborate forms of the Romanian national folk ballad Mioriţa. He was also a contributor to the Iaşi periodical Zimbrul, in which he published one of his best-known works, Studie Moldovană ("Moldovan Studies"), in 1851-1852.

He also wrote Iaşii şi locuitorii lui în 1840 "Iaşi and its inhabitants in 1840" - a glimpse into Moldavian society during the Organic Statute administration, and two travel accounts (better described as folklore studies), Piatra Teiului and Stânca Corbului.

Russo is also notable for his Amintiri ("Recollections"), a memoir.

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