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Aleesha Rome, (born c. 1982) also known later in her career as Ivy York, is an Australian pop singer best known for her single "Search My Heaven". Originally from Adelaide, she moved to Sydney at age 17,[1] and got a recording contract through a "Singer Wanted" advertisement in a Sydney street press publication.[2]

Frustrated with the lack of control over her music, Rome relocated to the UK in 2001; and began composing her own songs and playing clubs around London. Under her new persona 'Ivy York', she performed in an indie band known as the 'Ivy York Band', and in 2010 released an album entitled "the Call of Spring", described as country-pop with a Bollywood influence.[3] She retired from performing after suffering from spasmodic dysphonia shortly after the album's release.[4]



  • Aleesha Rome (2000)
  1. Search My Heaven (3:54)
  2. One Of Us Has Changed (3:37)
  3. If Only I Could Cry (4:04)
  4. Without You (3:59)
  5. I Didn't Have The Heart (3:26)
  6. Yours Truly (4:07)
  7. Do You Feel Me (3:11)
  8. 3 Words (3:38)
  9. Hazy Days (5:35)
  10. Real World (4:20)
  11. Search My Heaven (Mont Blanc House Mix) (3:44)
  12. One Of Us Has Changed (Absolute Spirit Mix) (3:20)

Australian Singles[edit]

Year Song ARIA Chart Peak Position
1999 "One of Us Has Changed" 58
1999 "Search My Heaven" 20
2000 "Do You Feel Me?" 98

All titles produced by Barry Andrews & Sam Horsburgh with various remixes by Thunderground, Matt Meyers and The Wah Brothers.


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