Alegría (song)

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Single by Cirque du Soleil
from the album Alegría
LabelCirque du Soleil Musique Inc.
Songwriter(s)René Dupéré, Claude Amesse, Franco Dragone, Manuel Tadros

"Alegría" is a pop song by Cirque du Soleil (from their show Alegría), which was recorded in 1994.[1][2][3][4]

The song is a multi-lingual adaptation (in English, Italian and Spanish) of another Cirque du Soleil song titled "Un pazzo gridar"[citation needed], written by René Dupéré and Franco Dragone and featuring Italian-only lyrics[citation needed]. "Un pazzo gridar" is also a song from the show Alegría.[citation needed]

In 1999, Cirque du Soleil recorded a new version of the song for their film "Alegría, the Film". This new version was also included in the soundtrack of the movie.[5][6]

In 2006, Cirque du Soleil recorded a new multi-lingual adaptation (in English, Portuguese and Spanish) titled "La nova alegría" for their arena show Delirium. This new adaptation was written by René Dupéré, Robert Dillon, Franco Dragone, Paolo Ramos and Manuel Tadros.[7]


"Alegría" was adapted in Hungarian by Ibolya Oláh under the title "Magyarország" ("Hungary") and in Finnish by Katri Helena under the title "Minä toivon" ("I Hope").


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