Aleipata Islands

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Aleipata islands east of Upolu island (NASA photo)

The Aleipata Islands is a group of four uninhabited islands off the eastern end (the historical Aleipata region) of Upolu Island, Samoa, with an aggregate area of 1.68 km²):

Namua and Fanuatapu are at the outer edge of the fringing reef of Upolu, with distances of 0.7 km and 2.5 km to the Upolu mainland, respectively. Nu'utele and Nu'ulua are 4 to 6 km further south, outside of the fringing reef, at distances of 1.4 km 3.5 km off Cape Tapaga, the southeastern headland of Upolu.

These islets are remnants of eroded volcanic tuff rings. Only Namua is open for visitors (Namua Island Resort, beaches). Fanuatapu, being the easternmost island, has a lighthouse. The islands are important nesting locations for seabirds.

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Coordinates: 14°04′20″S 171°24′40″W / 14.07222°S 171.41111°W / -14.07222; -171.41111