Alejandro Cruz

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Alejandro Cruz
Mayor of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
In office
Preceded by Ebenezer Rivera
Succeeded by Héctor O'Neill
Personal details
Born 1930
Died March 1993
Political party New Progressive Party (PNP)
Spouse(s) Viveca Bosch Ramírez
Profession Politician

Alejandro "Junior" Cruz (b. circa 1930 – d. 1993) was a Puerto Rican athlete and politician who was mayor of the city of Guaynabo during the 1980s and early 1990s.


As a child Cruz demonstrated interest in sports, particularly softball. He progressed in that sport, becoming one of Puerto Rico's most famous softball players as a young adult.

Cruz was an advocate of statehood for Puerto Rico. Because of that, he became a member of the PNP party. After he finished his long and achievement-filled career as a professional softball player, he dedicated himself full-time to politics.

Cruz was elected as mayor of Guaynabo in 1980. Guaynabo at the time entered a period of economic progress, alongside other cities of Puerto Rico's so-called "metropolitan area", such as Bayamon. Like his colleague Ramon Luis Rivera, Cruz became liked by many voters of Puerto Rico's three leading parties.

As Mayor of Guaynabo, Cruz put emphasis on the city's sports programs, and, in 1983, the Mets Pavilion (named after the city's BSN basketball team; later renamed Mario Morales coliseum) was opened. He was also president of the Puerto Rican Softball Federation during much of his period as mayor of Guaynabo.

In 1989, Cruz became a founding member of a group directed towards uniting mayors of all parties in Puerto Rico, alongside Caguas mayor Angel O. Berrios, himself a member of the PPD party (PNP's main rival) and two other mayors.

In his latter years, Cruz suffered from cardiovascular disease. He kept serving as mayor; re-elected three times from 1984 to 1992.

In 1993, Cruz suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage. The day after his death, his photo appeared on the covers of newspapers like El Nuevo Dia and El Vocero.

Alejandro Cruz was elected to the International Softball Federation Hall of Fame in 1993. He is one of ten Puerto Ricans, including Jorge Tanco, Juan Pachot and Ivelisse Echevarria, to be inducted at that sports museum.

He was also honored with the naming of a high school, Alejandro Junior Cruz High in Guaynabo, after he died.

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