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Alejandro Rossi (Alessandro Rossi, September 22, 1932 - June 5, 2009) was born in Florence, Italy of Venezuelan mother and Italian father) was a Italian-Mexican writer.

Alejandro Rossi wrote philosophical essays, short stories and the following books: Lenguaje y significado (Language and Meaning) (Siglo XXI, 1968, FCE, 1995, 7th edition); Manual del Distraído Manual of the Absent-minded (J. Mortiz, 1978, Anagrama, 1980, Monte Avila, 1987, FCE, 1992, 6th edition); Sueños de Occam (Occam's Dreams) (UNAM, 1982); La fábula de Las Regiones (the Fable of The Regions) (El Equilibrista, 1989), Edén: Vida imaginada (FCE, 2006). Ortega y Gasset in collaboration (FCE, 1984); he edited José Gaos' Anthology: Filosofía de la Filosofía (Philosophy of Philosophy) (Crítica, 1989). Rossi won the Premio Nacional de Lingüística y Literatura (National Literary and Linguistics Prize) in 1999.

Rossi's writing is marked by a rich language that plays with generic definitions.[1]