Aleko Point

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Location of Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands.
Aleko Point from Balkan Snowfield.
Topographic map of central-eastern Livingston Island featuring Aleko Point.
Topographic map of Livingston Island, Greenwich, Robert, Snow and Smith Islands.

Aleko Point (Nos Aleko \'nos a-'le-ko\), also Aleko Rock, is a rocky point midway along the northeast Antarctic coast of Emona Anchorage in the east of Livingston Island, projecting 150m to the west of southwest.

A nameless 400m wide cove is indented for 250m to the north of northwest, with two chains of rocks extending 80m and 50m in a westerly direction. The cove’s head features three rocks which are awash at high tide, the westernmost one lying 320m north of Aleko Point, while a larger rock rising to over 4m is located 90m southeast of the point.

The point emerged during a recent glacier retreat and was first recorded in the Bulgarian recording of February 1995. The rock was mapped from a topographic survey of the region made from December 8, 1995 to February 8, 1996.

Aleko is the name of a peak of Rila Mountain and a site on Vitosha Mountain, named after Aleko Konstantinov (1863–97), a prominent writer and proponent of wilderness exploration.


Aleko Point is located at 62°37′03.2″S 60°20′04″W / 62.617556°S 60.33444°W / -62.617556; -60.33444Coordinates: 62°37′03.2″S 60°20′04″W / 62.617556°S 60.33444°W / -62.617556; -60.33444 which is 2 km north-northeast of Spanish Point, 3.58 km northeast by north of Hespérides Point and 6.71 km east-northeast of Ereby Point.

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