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Aleks Oniszczak (Aleksander Oniszczak),[1] is a Canadian user experience researcher best known for co-developing the Tactile Touchpad[2][3] (a.k.a. ClickPad, Magic Trackpad) whose functionality has been used in products such as Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro since 2008.[4]

Prior to working at Microsoft's Apple Products division in May 2010, Oniszczak worked as a user experience researcher for Microsoft Surface and Southwestern Bell's Technology Resources, Inc. (now AT&T). Past and present projects include Office for Mac, Surface, Surface 2 and Windows 7 Touch Pack.

Oniszczak is a graduate of University of Toronto, holds a Masters from York University and a bachelor's degree from University of Guelph, Ontario. Before entering the field of Human Computer Interaction, Oniszczak worked as an actor[5] in movies such as Masala[6] and mini-series such as The Lawrenceville Stories[7] and Vocational Counselor. Today he works on novel input methods for computers and portable devices such as the RollPad[8] for cellphone text entry and Unipad[9] a single stroke text entry method with language-based acceleration. He now lives in Mountain View, California with his wife.


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