Aleksandër Moisiu Theatre

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Aleksandër Moisiu Theatre
Teatri i Durrësit
Sheshi Liria, Durrës, Shqipëri 10.jpg
Aleksandër Moisiu Theatre
Address Lagja Nr: 2, Square Liria
Coordinates 41°18′51″N 19°26′47″E / 41.3143°N 19.4465°E / 41.3143; 19.4465
Owner State owned
Opened 11 January 1953
Theatre in 1978

The Aleksandër Moisiu Theatre, or called also Durrës Theatre (Albanian: Teatri Aleksandër Moisiu) is a theatre in the city centre of Durrës, Albania. The theatre took its name from Austrian actor Aleksandër Moisiu, who was of Albanian descent.


The building of the theatre dates from the 1950s. It officially opened on January 11, 1953.[1] His first show was the comedy "The Girl from the village" (Albanian: Vajza nga fshati) the writer Fatmir Gjata, staged by director Pandi Stillu.[2]

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