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Aleksandër Peçi (born Tirana, 11 July 1951) is an Albanian composer; one of the most important figures of the contemporary Albanian classical music.

He graduated from the State Conservatory in Tirana (1974), then worked as the director of Palace of Culture in Përmet; from 1979 he was the artistic director of the National Ensemble of Popular Songs and Dances. Since 1986 he is a full-time composer. In 1989 he composed the song Toka E Diellit which won the major Albanian music contest, Festivali i Këngës. Since 1992 he is also teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. His composition technique is based in the cartesian production and his formula is "CC2-composition".

The most important pieces of his works are as follows:

  • Koncert per piano dhe orkester nr. 1 = Concerto for Piano and orchestra, nr. 1, 1976
  • Kecat dhe ujku = The Goats And The Wolf, balley, 1979
  • Koncert per Violoncel dhe orkester = Concerto for Violoncello and orchestra, 1982
  • Sinfoni nr. 1 = Symphony nr. 1, 1985
  • Sinfoni nr. 2 = Symphony nr. 2, 1988
  • Oirat, 2000[1]
  • 12 Cartesius Cantus, piano cycle, 2002
  • Etera tonda, acoustic and electro-acoustic music, + installation, 2006
  • Piano concerto nr. 2, 2007

Besides these he composed rhapsodies, movie soundtracks, pieces for piano, pieces for voice and some electroacoustic music.

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  1. ^ Tole, Vasil (2010). "Inventory of Performers on Albanian Folk Iso-Polyphony" (PDF). Albanian Music Council. p. 117. Retrieved 2 August 2010. The oi-oi lament is encountered in general use in all Albanian sung laments. The term oirat is used as a title by the composer Aleksandër Peçi in his opera of the same name.