Aleksandër Xhuvani

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Aleksandër Xhuvani (14 March 1889, Elbasan, Manastir Vilayet - 22 March 1961) was an Albanian philologist and educator. He studied at the University of Athens before coming to Elbasan, where he taught at the Normal School. Xhuvani spent much of his career working for the improvement of Albanian schools; he also advocated the standardization of the Albanian language in the years following Albania's independence. Among his writings are grammars in Albanian, as well as a dictionary of the language. Xhuvani also served as a politician, sitting in both the Constituent Assembly of the Albanian Kingdom and as a member of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania. In the latter he served as vice-president of the Presidium towards the end of his life.

Elbasan's Aleksandër Xhuvani University is named for him.