Aleksandar Šoštar

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Aleksandar Šoštar
Aleksandar Šoštar 01.jpg
Šoštar in December 2012.
Personal information
Born January 21, 1964 (1964-01-21) (age 53)
Niš, SFR Yugoslavia

Aleksandar Šoštar (Serbian Cyrillic: Александар Шоштар; born January 21, 1964) is a Serbian water polo goalkeeper who played on the bronze medal squad of FR Yugoslavia at the 2000 Summer Olympics and on the gold medal squad for SFR Yugoslavia at the 1988 Summer Olympics.[1]

In 2001 he was declared for Athlete of the Year and Sportsman of the Year in Yugoslavia.[2]

He currently performs the functions of the President Water Polo Club Partizan and President of the Sports Federation of Serbia.

Early life[edit]

Šoštar was born in Niš to Croatian father Stjepan Šoštar and Serbian mother.[3] His father who hails from the town of Ivanec moved to Belgrade during the late 1950s as an employee of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) where he remained living after marrying a woman from Niš and starting a family.[3] Though the family lived in Belgrade, Aleksandar was born in Niš due to his mother visiting her relatives at the time.[3]

Club career[edit]



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Preceded by
Vladimir Grbić
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia The Best Athlete of Yugoslavia
Succeeded by
Dejan Bodiroga