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Aleksander Gieysztor, 1995

Aleksander Gieysztor (17 July 1916, Moscow, Russian Empire – 9 February 1999, Warsaw, Poland) was a Polish medievalist historian.


Aleksander Gieysztor was born in Moscow to a Polish family. He lived in Warsaw since the age of five. He graduated in history from Warsaw University in 1937.

He was married to Irena Gieysztorowa, a fellow historian.

The Aleksander Gieysztor Prize of the Kronenberg Foundation and the Aleksander Gieysztor Academy of Humanities are named after him.



  • Ze studiów nad genezą wypraw krzyżowych (1948)
  • Zarys nauk pomocniczych historii (1948), a textbook
  • Zarys dziejów pisma łacińskiego (1972)
  • Mitologia Słowian (1982)

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