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Alexander Marek Kowalski (October 7, 1902[1][2] – April 3, 1940) was a Polish ice hockey player who competed in the 1928 Winter Olympics and in the 1932 Winter Olympics.[3]

He was born in Warsaw, Poland[1] and was killed in the Katyn massacre.[4] His family received the last postcard on February 11, 1940. His exact date of death is unknown, but he was on the list of the NKVD dated April 3, 1940.

In 1928 he participated with the Polish ice hockey team in the Olympic tournament.[1]

Four years later he was a member of the Polish team which finished fourth in the 1932 Olympic tournament.[1][5] He played all six matches and scored two goals. This made him the top scorer for the team, scoring two out of the team's three goals


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