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Aleksander L. Nordaas
Aleksander Leines Nordaas

(1982-11-21) November 21, 1982 (age 36)
OccupationFilm director, screenwriter
Aleksander L. Nordaas in the "Made in Mosjøen" webseries.

Aleksander Leines Nordaas (born 21 November 1982, Mosjøen) is a Norwegian screenwriter and film director, and is a co-owner of the Norwegian production company Yesbox Productions. Aleksander[1] is also a published author and an exhibited photographer and digital artist.


  • 2005: Sirkel (feature film - scriptwriter, director, DOP, editor). Norway's first no-budget feature. Won the Audience Award at Bergen internasjonale filmfestival in 2005.[2]
  • 2007: Takk skal du ha (webseries - director, co-script, DOP, editor)
  • 2008: In Chambers (film) (short film - scriptwriter, director, editor). Awarded "Best Short Film" at WT Os internasjonale filmfestival 2008.[3] and Best Norwegian and Beste Nordic short film at Minimalen in 2009.[4] The full-length short film is available online.[5]
  • 2012: Thale (feature film - scriptwriter, director, DOP, editor, set designer).[6][7] Reviewed by Empire as "Beautifully enigmatic and eerie" [8] and Ain't It Cool News as "A truly unique and amazing film."[9] Thale was sold to 50+ countries and screened at a numerous festivals, including Toronto International Film Festival.[10] Thale won the Audience Award at Fantasporto,[11] Best Film at Méliès d'Argent / Espoo Ciné[12] and Best Script at International Film Awards Berlin.[13]
  • 2012: Mister Mushy (animated short film - scriptwriter, director, editor).[14][15] Sold to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • 2012: Kind of Fishy (animated short film/aquarium - concept, director)[16] Kind of Fishy won the FineArt's Award for Best Exhibit at Galleria Art Festival 2012.
  • 2013: Mushroom Monster (animated short film - scriptwriter, director, editor) Screened at a numerous children film's festival, including Cinekid and TIFF Kids. International sales agent: SND Films.
  • 2014: The Strolltroll (animated short film - scriptwriter, director, editor) Sold to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The short film wrapped up the NRK Christmas Morning Special in 2016.
  • 2015: Made in Mosjøen (webseries - producer, scriptwriter, director, editor, sound designer, set designer). 8 award wins. Nominated for The Webby Awards, The Streamy Awards and The Lovie Awards - as well 32 other nominations. Screened at 26 festival. Covered by e.g. Empire, ScreenDaily and Rue Morgue. Reviews: Empire: "A bizarre, Lynchian webseries". Ain't It Cool News: "Simply brilliant.". NRK P1: "Norway's Twin Peaks". Dirge Magazine: "So unique and genuinely funny."
  • 2016: The Dog (short film) (short film - co-scriptwriter, co-director, editor). Screened at Fantastic Fest,[17] TIFF,[18] Grimstad. (April 2017: currently touring festivals)
  • 2017: Baahdy & Birdy (animated short film - scriptwriter, director). Premiered at Verdens Beste in Tromsø. (April 2017: currently touring festivals).

Published books and apps[edit]

  • 2009: Kadaver (novel) (Novel)
  • 2012: Kind of Fishy (app) App made by driftwood. Reviews: 148apps: "Incredibly unique and pretty awesome to look at." Fun Educational Apps: "This app is simply beautiful. I can honestly say that I've never reviewed anything like Kind of Fishy"" - *TOP PICK*
  • 2016: The Strolltroll (Children's book) 1. print self-published after a successful crowdfunding-kampanje. The book was chosen as a Project We Love and Project of the Day. Also published in Norwegian (Rallskanken)
  • 2017: Mister Mushy (Children's book and app) 1. print self-published after a successful crowdfunding-campaign. The book was chosen as a Project We Love by Kickstarter. Also published in Norwegian (Mister Mjukis).

Photography and Digital Art[edit]

  • Showcase
  • Awards: Best Exhibition (Kind of Fishy), Galleria Art Festival 2012.

Representation (film)[edit]

  • Circle of Confusion


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