Aleksander Zawadzki (naturalist)

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Aleksander Zawadzki
Przyrodnicy zawadzki.jpg
Portrait of Aleksander Zawadzki, 1862
Born Józef Antoni Zawadzki
(1798-05-06)6 May 1798
Bielsko, Austrian Empire
Died 5 June 1868(1868-06-05) (aged 70)
Brno, Austria-Hungary
Citizenship Austrian
Occupation Naturalist

Aleksander Zawadzki, born Józef Antoni Zawadzki, (6 May 1798 in Bielsko, Cieszyn Silesia – 5 June 1868 in Brno) was a Polish naturalist, author of flora and fauna lists of the Galicia region and the neighbourhood of Lviv (Polish: Lwów). He was also the first scientist who studied and catalogued the beetles and butterflies of Eastern Galicia.


Zawadski was the teacher of zoologist Stanisław Konstanty Pietruski and between 1835–37 he was a lecturer of botany and then professor of physics (1849–53) at Lviv University.

In the years 1854–68 he studied evolution, and in Brno, where he arrived as a result of the turmoil caused by the Spring of Nations (Wiosna Ludów), became a mentor of Gregor Mendel, directing his talent toward the development of the theory of evolution and helping to lay the foundations of genetics.

He was a member of several scientific societies, and the editor of Lviv's magazines Rozmaitości and Mnemozyna.

Chrysanthemum zawadskii, a species of chrysanthemum described by Franz Herbich, is named after him.

Published Work[edit]

  • Zawadzki, A. (1835). Enumeratio plantarum Galiciae et Bucovinae. Oder die in Galizien und der Bukowina wildwachsenden Pflanzen mit genauer Angabe ihrer Standorte (in Latin). Breslau: Korn. OCLC 56868672. 
  • Zawadzki, A. (1840). Fauna der galizisch-bukowinischen Wirbelthiere. Eine systematische Uebersicht der in diesen Provinzen mit vorkommenden Säugethiere, Vögel, Amphibien und Fische, mit Rücksicht auf ihre Lebensweise und Verbreitung. D. Fische. Pisces (in German). Stuttgart: E. Schweizerbart Verlagshardlung. OCLC 61636191. 

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