Aleksandr Kamensky

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Aleksandr Kamensky

Aleksandr Abramovich Kamensky (Александр Абрамович Каменский) (1922–1992) was a Soviet art critic and art historian.

He wrote and edited many books and articles about various artists, such as Marc Chagall, and Martiros Saryan.

Aleksandr Abramovich in his study.

Selected bibliography[edit]

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  • Etudes On The Artists Of Armenia (Erevan, 1979)
  • Martiros Sarian (1987)
  • Chagall: The Russian Years 1907-1922 (1988–1989)
  • Romantic Montage (1989)
  • The World Of Art Movement In Early 20th Century Russia (with Vsevolod Nikolayevich Petrov)
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  • Marc Chagall, An Artist From Russia (unabridged version of Chagall: The Russian Years published posthumously)