Aleksandr Petrov (basketball)

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Aleksandr Petrov
Personal information
Born14 May 1939
Baku, Azerbaijan
Died2001 (aged ca. 62)
Height2.08 m (6 ft 10 in)
Weight103 kg (227 lb)
ClubDynamo Moscow, Dynamo Tbilisi

Aleksandr Pavlovich Petrov (sometimes: Alexandre) (Russian: Александр Павлович Петров; 14 May 1939 – 2001) was one of the first tall centers in Soviet basketball. Playing for the senior men's Soviet Union national basketball team, he won silver medals at the 1960 Summer Olympics and 1964 Summer Olympics,[1] a bronze medal at the 1963 FIBA World Championship, as well as four EuroBasket titles, at EuroBasket 1959, EuroBasket 1961, EuroBasket 1963, and EuroBasket 1965.[2] He was named the best center at the 1963 FIBA World Championship. After he retired from playing, he coached basketball teams in Moscow, and later in Madagascar.[3] For his achievements, he was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honour.[4]


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