Aleksandra Radović

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Aleksandra Radović
Birth name Aleksandra Radović
Born (1974-09-10) 10 September 1974 (age 42)
Bogatić, SFR Yugoslavia
Origin Šabac, Serbia
Genres Pop, Europop, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, television personality
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1997—present
Labels City Records

Aleksandra Radović (Cyrillic: Александра Радовић, born 10 September 1974) is a Serbian singer and songwriter.

Early life[edit]

Radović was born and raised in Bogatić. Both her primary and secondary education focused on music studies.[1] In 1997, Aleksandra Radović started working as a radio host. From 1998 to 2002, she sang opening themes for various television series.[1]


In 2003, Radović made her debut at the Sunčane Skale Festival in Herceg Novi and won second place with the song "Kao so u moru".[1] She has since been one of the most popular pop singers in Serbia. On 24 September 2003 at 7:00, Radović released her first solo album, Aleksandra Radović, with the singles "Još danas", "Nema te žene", "Ako nikada" and "Laž" in 2003.[1] She has also won many prestigious awards for her vocal abilities.[1]

Dommino and tour[edit]

Her second album Dommino was released on 25 July 2006 and gained great popularity in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.[2] She worked on the album with some of the most renowned Yugoslavian songwriters including Aleksandra Milutinović, Nikša Bratoš, Darko Dimitrov, and Goran Kovačić. Goran Kovačić wrote one of the best ballads on the album, "Čuvam te". In October 2006, Dommino became the bestselling album per IPS Top 10.[3]

The album lead single, "Nisi moj", which was written by Aleksandra Milutinović and Darko Dimitrov, was released in first quarter of the year. The song was top ranked in most radio and TV playlists in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia. The album's second single is called "Zagrli me", and was released in September 2006. It was written by Aleksandra Milutinović and produced by Darko Dimitrov. The second single also quickly gained popularity and was ranked highly on playlists.

In the autumn of 2007 she released the single "Sviraj" and held her first concert in Belgrade's Sava Centar on 11 November 2007. At the concert, she performed songs from her albums, Aleksandra Radović and Dommino. The concert also featured guest stars Jelena Tomašević and Sergej Ćetković.[4] After concert in Belgrade she visited other key cities in Serbia. The following year, she went on a mini-tour through Bosnia and visited Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Tuzla.[5] With Dommino, Radović established her reputation as one of the best pop singers in Serbia.

After completing the tour, she announced that she was working on a third album with Aleksandra Milutinović, Goran Kovačić, Darko Dimitrov, Nikša Bratoš and famous Croatian singer-songwriter Arsen Dedić. The album was scheduled to be released in the summer of 2009.

Third album[edit]

Radović's third album, Žar Ptica, was released by City Records on 19 June 2009.[6][7] The album was produced and arranged in Serbia, Croatia and Republic of Macedonia, in the studios of Aleksandra Milutinović, Nikša Bratoš and Darko Dimitrov. Radović collaborated with Aleksandra Milutinović, Goran Kovačić, Darko Dimitrov, Nikša Bratoš and famous Croatian singer-songwriter Arsen Dedić.

She composed and wrote the lyrics for four songs on the album. The album promotion single, "Nemoj", was written by Aleksandra Radović, and composed and produced by Darko Dimitrov.[8][9] Radović said that this song and many others on the album would have a more R&B sound, like songs by Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Hudson.[10]

Songs like "Bivši dragi", "Brod budala", "Ni zadnji, ni prvi" quickly became popular. The album gained immediate success in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Macedonia and was the top selling album for 3 months.[11]

The album's second single was set to be Bivši dragi. The song already became very popular on the radio and scored the best place on almost every radio top list. Radović announced that she would start tour in Sava Centar in Belgrade, and then visit 20 cities in Serbia. She said that she would also tour through Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.[12][13]

Because of big interest for concert, she announced that she would have two concerts in Sava Centar, and she became the first woman to have two concerts in Sava Centar.[14][15] Concerts were scheduled for 18 and 19 November but because of the death of Serbian Patriarch Pavle they were moved to 1 and 5 December.[16][17][18]

She announced after the concert that rumors that she will be retiring are false, and that she will be singing for the next 15 years.[19]


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