Aleksei Ignatiev

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Count Alexei Ignatiev
Count Alexey Ignatyev.jpg
6th General-Governor of Eastern Siberia
In office
Preceded by Dmitriy Anuchin
General-Governor of Kiev, Podolsk and Volyn
In office
Personal details
Born May 22, 1842
Died December 9, 1906
Spouse(s) Countess Sophia Ignatyeva
Children Count Alexey Ignatyev
Count Pavel Ignatyev
Olga Ignatyeva
Sergey Ignatyev

Count Alexei Pavlovich Ignatiev (Russian: граф Алексей Павлович Игнатьев) was a Russian political figure. His brother Nicholas Pavlovich Ignatiev was Chairman of the Committee of Ministers between 1872 and 1880.

On December 14, 1905, NYT reported rumors, circulating in St. Petersburg, that he was arrested on suspicion of fomenting rebellion against the czar. [1]

Ignatiev was shot to death by members of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in 1906. [2]

Main military offices[edit]


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