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To be alert is to be in a state of alertness.

Alert or ALERT may also refer to:

As a word[edit]



  • Alert, a sailing ship built by Hitchins and Joyce which sailed from 1902 to 1923
  • HMS Alert, any of several ships of the British Royal Navy
  • SS Alert, a steamship that sank off Victoria, Australia in 1893
  • USS Alert, any of several ships of the United States Navy


  • alert, in the card game of contract bridge
  • Alert dialog box, a type of dialog box used in graphical user interfaces
  • Alert messaging, machine-to-person communications such as reminders and notifications
  • Alert state, an indication of the state of readiness of the armed forces or a state
  • Alert Records, a record label
  • Alert, a caffeinated gum product

As an initialism[edit]

ALERT may stand for: