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Alert is an energy caffeine gum produced by the Wrigley's company that entered the U.S. market in April 2013.

Sales and marketing[edit]

Sales are aimed at adults 25 and older who want a portable energy product. An eight-piece pack of Alert retails for $2.99 (U.S.).[1][2]


The gum has a bitter, medicinal taste, so children will not chew it, a concern for many energy products.[3]


According to the company, one piece of gum contains the same amount of caffeine as half a cup of coffee, which is about 40 milligrams.[4]

FDA investigation[edit]

Wrigley temporarily halted production and sales of its Alert energy gum as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigates the safety of caffeinated-food products, especially the possible effects of caffeinated gum on children and adolescents.[5]


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