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Alert on LAN (AOL, sometimes AoL) is a 1998, IBM- and Intel-developed technology that allows for remote management and control of networked PCs. AOL requires a Wake on LAN adapter.

Technical details[edit]

The main idea of AOL is to send warnings to remote administrators about different PC conditions using a LAN. These conditions include:

  • System unplugged from power source
  • System unplugged from network
  • Chassis intrusion
  • Processor removal
  • System environmental errors
  • High temperature
  • Fan speed
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Operating system errors
  • System power-on errors
  • System is hung
  • Component failure

Alert on LAN 2 (AOL2) extends AOL to allow active PC management, including:

  • Remote system reboot upon report of a critical failure
  • Repair Operating System
  • Update BIOS image
  • Perform other diagnostic procedures

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