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Alesis Fusion 6HD/8HD
Alesis Fusion 6HD.JPG
Alesis Fusion 6HD
Manufacturer Alesis
Dates 2005 - 2008
Technical specifications
Polyphony Dynamic processor allocation
varies depending on the
complexity of the program.
Timbrality 16 parts in Mix mode;
32 Parts in Song mode
LFO 8 per voice
Synthesis type Sample Playback, Virtual Analog,
FM and Physical Modeling
Filter 26 filter types in most synthesis types provided
Aftertouch expression Yes
Velocity expression Yes
Storage memory 64MBx2 - Expandable up to 192MBx2,
for a total of 384MB via the E3 Memory Upgrade
Effects 80 + 3-band parametric EQ
Keyboard 6HD - 61 note semi weighted;
8HD - 88 note fully weighted
External control USB for file exchange only.

Alesis Fusion is a music production workstation produced by Alesis introduced in early 2005. The workstation is available in two models. The Fusion 6HD is a sixty-one note semi-weighted keyboard workstation.[1] The Fusion 8HD is an eighty-eight note weighted keyboard workstation.[2] The two models are identical aside from the keyboard type. It competes with the Korg Triton, the Yamaha Motif and the Roland Fantom-X.


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