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Alessandra Acciai (born 12 December 1965) is an Italian actress of cinema, theatre and television.


Born in Rome, she made her acting debut in 1987, both in cinema and television, with Lamberto Bava's Il gioko (broadcast only in 1999). In 1994, she was nominated as best new actress of the year for the movie Anni ribelli. This was followed by other roles in films such as La vera vita di Antonio H. (1995), Uomini senza donne, La classe non è acqua (1997), and others, usually directed by young Italian directors.

She has appeared in many television productions. In particular, she became famous in the role of Cora Torrini Dupré in the Incantesimo series (1998–2001). In the 1990s, Acciai also had a successful theatrical career.





   - Ombre cinesi
   - In vino veritas

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