Alessandra Sanguinetti

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Alessandra Sanguinetti
Born 1968
New York, NY, USA
Nationality USA
Known for Photography
Awards Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, MacDowell Fellowship, Robert Gardner Fellowship, Hasselblad Foundation Grant

Alessandra Sanguinetti (born 1968 New York, New York) is an American photographer.[1] Born in New York, she moved to Argentina at the age of two and lived there until 2003. Currently, she lives in San Francisco, California.

Currently, her most long-term project is a documentary photography project is about two cousins- Guillermina and Belinda- as they grow up outside of Buenos Aires. It follows them as they fantasize about becoming adults, early motherhood, and becoming young women while their relationship changes.[2] She has also photographed in Palestine[3] and San Francisco.[4] She was awarded a grant in 2009 by National Geographic. She has been a member of the Magnum Photos since 2007.[5] She is a Magnum Workshop teacher and has led classes at the Brighton Photo Biennial[6] and in San Francisco.[7] She is represented by Yossi Milo[8] in New York and Ruth Benzacar Gallery in Argentina. She has been the recipient of many grants and awards including the Guggenheim Fellowship.[9] the Ernst Hass Work Grant for Documentary Photography, and was a resident at Lightwork.[10] Her photographs are widely collected and are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art,[11] Museum of Modern Art, and Museum of fine arts, Buenos Aires, among others. She regularly contributes to publications including LIFE and the New York Times.


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