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Alessandri family in 1920

The Alessandri family of Chile is of Italian origin, became politically influential during the early part of the 20th century, and has played (and still plays) a significant role in Chilean politics. The first Alessandri who came to Chile was named Giuseppe Pietro Alessandri Tarzi. He arrived in 1821 as consul posterior, representative of the Kingdom of Sardinia and Piedmonte, on a ship that departed from Pisa.

Alessandri family's most prominent members[edit]

Timeline of elected positions[edit]

Jorge Alessandri VergaraFelipe Alessandri VergaraArturo Alessandri BesaSilvia AlessandriEduardp AlessandriFernando AlessandriJorge AlessandriJosé Pedro AlessandriArturo Alessandri

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