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Alessandro Di Sanzo (now Alessandra[citation needed]; born 26 August 1969) is an Italian actor best known for his portrayal of the teenaged transvestite prostitute Mario Libassi, nicknamed Mery in Marco Risi's dramatic film, Mery per sempre ("Forever Mary"), which was released in 1989 and where he made his acting debut. He received a European Film Award nomination in 1989 for Best Supporting Actor for his performance.[1] Di Sanzo played the same role in Risi's sequel, "Ragazzi fuori" ("Boys on the Outside"), released the following year. As in Mery per sempre, the film was set in Palermo, Sicily and it starred Sicilian actor Francesco Benigno.

Other films in which Di Sanzo is featured include, Errore Fatale (1991), and La Tenda Nera (1995).

Di Sanzo was born at Gattico, Province of Novara, Piedmont.


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