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Dedication of a New Vestal Virgin

Alessandro Marchesini (30 April 1664 – 27 January 1738) was an Italian painter and art merchant of the late-Baroque and Rococo, active in Northern Italy and Venice. He first trained in Verona with Biagio Falcieri and then with Antonio Calza. He then moved to Bologna, to work in the studio of Carlo Cignani. He is described as gaining fame for his allegories with small figures. He painted in for the church of San Silvestro, Venice; and for the church of Santo Stefano, Verona. He is also remembered for recommending a young painter, Canaletto, to the Lucchese art collector Stefano Conti, stating that he was like Luca Carlevaris but with a sun shining. Among his pupils is Carlo Salis.[1]


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