Alessandro Marchetti (mathematician)

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Alessandro Marchetti
Born (1633-03-17)17 March 1633
Empoli, Italy
Died 6 September 1714(1714-09-06) (aged 81)
Pisa, Italy
Nationality Italian
Fields Mathematics

Alessandro Marchetti (17 March 1633 – 6 September 1714) was an Italian mathematician, noted for criticizing some conclusions of Guido Grandi, a student of Giovanni Alfonso Borelli who was influenced by Galileo and Aristotle.[1]

In 1669 Marchetti completed the first known Italian vernacular translation of Lucretius' Epicurean epic poem De Rerum Natura. He was denied permission to publish his translation, entitled Della Natura delle Cose, but it circulated widely in manuscript form before its first printing in 1717.


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