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Also known as Crutch
Origin Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Progressive death metal[1][2][3]
Melodic death metal[4][2]
Technical death metal[4][2]
Death metal[2]
Progressive metal[2]
Christian metal[1]
black metal[5]
Years active 1997–present
Labels IronClad
Hope Prevails
Associated acts Becoming the Archetype
Blind Influence
Bloodline Severed
Website Official Website
Members Alex Kenis
Donny Swigart
Joel Thorpe
Joe Walmer
Past members Travis Turner
Keith Isenberg
Vinnie Aldrege
Bryan Clarkson
Travis Wagner

Aletheian are a Christian progressive/melodic death metal band. They formed in Lebanon, Pennsylvania in 1997 under the name Crutch, and then changed their name to "Aletheian" prior to the 2003 album Apolutrosis. Guitarist Alex Kenis joined Becoming the Archetype in 2007 and recorded the album The Physics of Fire. In the spring of 2007, Aletheian signed to IronClad Recordings, a subsidiary label of Metal Blade Records.


Influenced by Death, Cynic, Carcass, Emperor, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, and At the Gates,[6] the band was originally formed under the name Crutch in 1997. They later released their debut entitled ...Hope Prevails independently in 2001. The album was re-released on Burning Records in 2002.

The group became Aletheian (a derivation of the Greek word for "truth", in the sense of "discovering") in 2003 when the band underwent a major line-up change acquiring two new members, and made the decision to take the band to the touring level for the first time.

The style and material of the band did not change with the name, combining elements of technical, progressive, Scandinavian, and melodic death metal. Apolutrosis, a full-length Concept album, pre-release made available independently in 2003. It was re-mixed and re-mastered for full-release in 2004 on Hope Prevails Productions. The same year ...Hope Prevails was partially re-recorded, re-mixed, re-mastered, and re-released with updated artwork and the name Aletheian on Hope Prevails Productions. Dying Vine was Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Studio Insomnia. The album was released in July 2005 by Hope Prevails Productions.

In 2005, the band released Aletheian Live DVD, featuring 2 hours of edited live concert footage, concept music video, behind the scenes recording documentary, and more.

Aletheian has contributed two songs,"Break in the Clouds" and "Exaleipheian," recorded live in Ohio for Spindust Records' DVD compilation video 10/20 Underground Rock Show in 2004.

Aletheian has played festivals such as March Metal Meltdown, MACRoCk, Sick as Sin, Metal Mindrage, Icthus, and Cornerstone Festival as well as with bands such as Cephalic Carnage, Becoming the Archetype, Biohazard, Buried Alive, Antithesis, Withered Earth, Disgorge, Zao, Living Sacrifice, Society's Finest, Tantrum of the Muse, Underoath, among others.[6]

In the spring of 2007, Aletheian signed to IronClad Recordings, a subsidiary label of Metal Blade Records.

On the Becoming The Archetype forum, Alex Kenis of Aletheian rumored that there would be new Aletheian material by the end of the 2008 calendar year, with the desire of releasing a new album late in 2009.[7]

In 2016, Alex Kenis did an interview on Shoot the Shred Podcast, stating he had written all of the songs for their upcoming, but has been unable to record it due to "life happening".[8]


Current members[9]
Name Instrument Years Other groups
Alex Kenis Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Clean Vocals 1997-present Becoming the Archetype, Solamors, Synoptic Rise
Joel Thorpe Unclean Vocals 1998-present
Donny Swigart Guitar, Bass 1999-2006, 2008-present Enshrouded by Despair
Joe Walmer Drums 2003-present Solace of Requiem, Blind Influence
Former members[9]
Name Instrument Years Other groups
Travis Turner Drums 1999-2003, 2008 Solamors, UnTeachers
Keith Isenberg Bass 1997-2002
Vinnie Aldrich Vocals 1997-1998
Bryan Clarkson Drums 1997-1999
  • Travis Wagner (ex-Dirtfedd) - bass (2003)
  • Andy High - bass (2007)
  • Derek Corzine (ex-Bloodline Severed) - guitar (2007)
  • Chris Keeney - guitar, clean vocals (2007-2008) (ex-Blind Influence)
  • Amy Lynn Corzine - female vocals (Whisper from Heaven, ex-Bloodline Severed) (2007)


  • Awe and Disbelief (1999)
  • Transitions (1999)
  • Hope Prevails (2001; Hope Prevails Productions)
Other Songs
  • "Breathing Murder" originally performed by Living Sacrifice on Living Sacrifice Tribute (2001; Clenched Fist Records)


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